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(Adopted February 25, 2009)

Article I NAME:

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Illinois Executive Board


The mission of MABAS-IL is to provide emergency response and Capabilities statewide when lives, property or the environment is threatened by Manmade, technological or environmental threats exist by deploying Fire, EMS, TRT, Haz-Mat, Dive or other special operations resources as requested by the host agency and/or stricken community. MABAS-IL also seeks to identify, coordinate and implement activities which promote notions of inter-governmental cooperation. MABAS-IL – "Got Your Back".


To coordinate working relationships between all MABAS-IL Divisions and encourage new geographic areas to form divisions.

1) To coordinate the deployment of resources with various local, state and federal agencies and/or municipalities.

2) To manage and administer various grants and equitably, operationally and strategically assign resources obtained through grants.

3) To manage the affairs of MABAS-IL.

4) To set MABAS-IL – wide guidelines, standards and policy.

5) Function as an intergovernmental agency in accordance with state statutes.


Every member division retains the right to represent their member departments with one Executive Board member vote.

MABAS-IL member divisions may select to regionalize their Executive Board representation. In this case each division within a region assigns their vote to Their regional representative who has the total number of votes equal to the number of divisions they represent. A letter from each division selecting regionalization must be on file declaring the name of their primary and alternate regional representative. At any time a single MABAS-IL Division retains the ultimate authority to represent themselves and their vote versus regional representation.


All MABAS-IL Divisions shall adopt by-laws which are in agreement with Executive

Board by-laws.

MABAS-IL governance is provided through an organizational structure which includes an Executive Policy Board and functional staff. The duty of the Policy board is to establish policy through a voting process. Regional and division representatives have voting authority, the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer/Comptroller do not have voting authority with one exception. The President may vote when a tie exist on a matter as a result of a vote by regional and division representatives. The duty of the functional staff is to execute the policy as determined by the Executive Board.

a) Executive Policy Board members include:

  1. President of the Board
  2. 1st Vice President
  3. 2nd Vice President
  4. Treasurer/Comptroller
  5. MABAS-IL Division or Regional Representatives

b) Functional Staff

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Plans Manager
  3. Logistics Manager
  4. Finance/Administrative Manager
  5. Executive Managers and Liaisons

c) Committees and Task Groups – The President may establish:

  1. Various Standing Committees
  2. Various Task Groups which are focused in nature but not permanent in nature.
  3. Various individual assignments, consultants, project coordinators
  4. Retain professional service contracts

d) The MABAS-IL Executive Board shall:

  1. Adopt an organizational chart which reflects the requirements of these by-laws.
  2. Adopt position descriptions for each policy and functional position.
  3. Execute contracts defining professional services, deliverables and compensation in accordance with purchasing processes and procedures.
  4. Prepare charters for committees, task groups or individual assignments providing goals, objectives and tasks and timelines.

e) A Division shall:

  1. Have an Executive Board as deemed necessary and length of term determined by each Division.
  2. Be made up of municipal and district fire departments in a geographic area as accepted and approved by the MABAS-IL Executive Board.
  3. Department membership and active status shall be determined by each Division.
  4. Individual membership and active status shall be determined by each Division.
  5. Membership of other agencies within the geographic Division boundaries shall follow the guidelines set forth by the MABAS-IL Executive Board.


An Executive Policy Board member must be pre-qualified to hold a Board position. An endorsement from their primary division, a statement of personal qualifications, and when applicable a letter of approval from their direct supervisor in their home organization are pre-qualifications to be nominated for an Executive Policy Board position.

The various Executive Policy Board members’ terms of office are as follow:

  1. President – Three year term, elected by majority vote of a quorum at the first quarterly meeting following the new year.
  2. 1st Vice President – Two year term at first election following adoption of by-laws and then a three year term staggered from the President’s election cycle.
  3. 2nd Vice President – One year term at first election following adoption of the by-laws and then a three year term staggered from the election cycles of the President and 1st Vice President.

• Treasurer/Comptroller – Two year term cycle.

• Regional Division Representatives – Once a region has been established and recognized as a region by a majority vote of the Executive Policy Board. MABAS-IL Divisions within the region may:

o Select a regional representative through an administrative process or –

o Elect a regional representative by majority vote of the involved MABAS-IL Division Boards.

o In either case, the region shall establish a term of office for the selected/elected regional representative.

• MABAS-IL Executive Policy Board members may be elected to successive terms.

No member of the MABAS-IL Executive Policy Board may simultaneously hold a compensated position as a Functional Staff member. Elected Executive Policy Board members serving as a Functional Staff member at the time of ratification of this amendment may continue to serve in both capacities for the remainder of their current elected term of office.


The President may use various administrative processes within adopted policies, procedures and practices.

  1. Select appointees to various functional staff positions, including; Operations, Plans, Logistics, Administrative/Finance, Executive Board Liaisons.
  2. Committee Chair and member appointments
  3. Members and Chairs of various task groups
  4. Individuals given various assignments
  5. Authority to sign various contracts, Memorandums of Understanding, acquisition and purchase of products, engaging professional services and the like.


The MABAS-IL Executive Board shall:

  1. Adopt a dues schedule which includes a specific time duration requiring review, renewal or amendment.  
  2. Adopt an annual budget which occurs at the first meeting following the beginning month of a new calendar year or upon adoption of amended by-laws.
  3. The MABAS-IL Executive Board shall adopt reimbursement procedures and associated policies.
  4. All forms of compensation and generalized reimbursements shall be incorporated as part of the annually approved budget.
  5. All revenues, expenses and funds associated with various grant sources shall only be utilized in accordance with grant requirements and grantor approvals.
  6. The MABAS-IL Executive Board shall adopt purchasing policies, procedures, and practices which comply with good tracking, accounting and ethical practices.
  7. The Executive Board has the power to indemnify itself through insurance or bonds as it deems necessary for the good of the organization.
  8. The Division dues schedule will run from January to December. An active Division with all privileges will be paid in full by July 1st of each calendar year.
  9. A Division may request a split dues schedule, in writing to the elected Executive Policy Board no later than November 30th of the current calendar year for the next year. This split schedule shall recognize January as the date of the first invoice and June as the date of the second invoice, and July 1st as the date the final payment is due.


The MABAS-IL Executive Board shall meet at such times and dates as established by the Executive Board. In no case shall the Executive Board meet less than quarterly.

The minimal agenda for Executive Board meetings are as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes of prior meeting
  3. Communication and Correspondence
  4. Committee Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Division Reports
  8. Adjourn


A minimum of one-third (1/3) of all divisions of MABAS-IL shall be represented at a meeting to constitute a quorum. Proxy voting and representation shall be permitted. Approval of all motions shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of the divisions represented.

MABAS-IL Division voting rights shall be suspended should a division be more than ninety days delinquent in current dues payment from the first notice of annual invoice.

The President of MABAS-IL Executive Policy Board may initiate a fact finding and mediation process when matters of dispute arise between or among MABAS-IL Divisions or MABAS-IL departments. Such matters of dispute are limited in scope and have a direct relationship with MABAS-IL practices, procedures and the like. The President shall not have enforcement or compliance authorities in matters of dispute between divisions or departments. The President does have the administrative authority to place local political subdivisions on written notice when a local dispute has deadlocked and mediation attempts have failed to resolve the dispute.

The mediation and fact finding process will include a President’s appointment of three fire chiefs who are not involved in the dispute, who will seek resolve between the parties. Their duties shall include fact finding, mediation techniques, and negotiations as needed. The three fire chiefs are responsible for a report to the MABAS-IL Executive Board President.


Executive Board shall set up procedures to be recommended to all divisions including but not limited to:

  1. Use of standard box cards
  2. Use of abbreviations
  3. Use of radio frequencies and testing procedures
  4. List of definitions and standards
  5. Training exercises
  6. Incident Command, Unified Command and NIMS procedures
  7. Communication procedures
  8. Minimal staffing standards
  9. Minimal equipment inventories
  10. Minimal certification standards
  11. Statewide Response Plan procedures/requirements
  12. Special Operations Team standards
  13. On-scene safety and resource accountability requirements
  14. All coordinated responses
  15. All matters of standardization and interoperability


Inter-State Mutual Aid relationships shall exist and comply with the following guidance:

  1. Requires approval of each States Attorney Generals Office to participate in MABAS and Intra-State Mutual Aid.
  2. Establish independent but coordinated MABAS chapter organizations for each state to effectively administer and manage the intra-state MABAS agency franchise for each respective state.
  3. All state independent MABAS Executive Boards shall adopt these by-laws and agree to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with all MABAS state chapter presidents, listing the individual compliance standards of MABAS which shall be adhered to.
  4. The Inter-State MABAS Executive Board shall recognize and agree to adhere to the majority decisions of an Inter-State MABAS Presidents Council.
  5. The Presidents Council shall meet at least twice per year and select a chairman and vice-chairman who will serve a term not to exceed three years.


Various manuals and guidance documents shall be compiled by the Executive Board, containing all pertinent information needed in the start-up and continued operation of

MABAS-IL Divisions. These manuals shall be updated by the Executive Board as often as it is deemed necessary.


These by-laws, or any section or provision thereof, may be amended, rescinded or expanded by approval of the two-thirds (2/3) vote of the member Divisions of MABAS-IL during a regular or special Executive Board meeting.

Any change to the by-laws must be distributed to the member Divisions at least sixty (60) days prior to the formal presentation of proposed by-law changes at the next regular or special Executive Board meeting. Voting on the proposed by-law change(s) will take place at the following regular Executive board meeting. A written proxy constitutes being present at a meeting.

All proposed changes to the by-laws shall be reviewed by the Nominations and By-Laws Committee to check for duplication or conflict with another by-law. The Nominations and By-Laws Committee shall not censor, change, nor omit the proposal from a Division. However, the committee may engage in communication with the submitting Division for any purpose.

All by-law changes must come from the Division level. The proposed change must be on Division letterhead and delivered electronically to the MABAS-IL main office for proper distribution. The change must also be signed by the executive Board of the submitting Division.

All policies and directives will be presented to the Nominations and By-Laws Committee for review sixty (60) days prior to the meeting they will be presented for a vote. All policies and directives found not in conflict with any by-law or other established policy or directive will be distributed to MABAS-IL Divisions forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting where a vote shall be cast by the Executive Board.



Copyright © 2009 MABAS-IL All rights reserved.